Romance Novels for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love – so why not read a romance novel? Check out some of these romance books written by the decorated and prominent independent authors on BookBaby Bookshop!

Love by Design by Tiffany Landis

Love by Design flaunts unforgettable, complex characters and vivid storytelling that will captivate you from the very beginning. Set in vibrant San Francisco, you meet two people who couldn’t be any more different.

Jess Tyler is a dreamer and an up-and-coming interior designer with a promising career. She has never tried to fit in. Instead, her artistic soul helped her forge her own path and she’s finally at peace – loving herself entirely. When she lands the biggest job of her life, she has to work with Jack Stinson – the complete opposite of her.

Jack is San Francisco royalty, and a presumed trust fund playboy. However, Jess finds that the chemistry between them could destroy everything she’s worked so hard to achieve. The novel does an excellent job taking readers on an unpredictable love story filled with emotionally complex characters undergoing rich romantic and personal journeys.

Fine Again by Michael S. Vassel

Michael S. Vassel is a prolific author who absolutely delivers in this poignant novel. Fine Again reminds us that love brings forth immeasurable joy – but also indescribable pain. It asks the question, what would you do after losing the love of your life? It’s a concept that we dread to consider – but oftentimes cannot avoid.

The protagonist, Mike, faces an impossible task – coming to terms with his loss. Seeking any possible way to heal, he confronts his pain. Mike starts a diary to write to his lost love and tell her how much he misses her and what life is like without her. Writing out his emotions and feelings allows him to reflect on a lifetime of personal and romantic relationships as he grapples with moving on. While he confronts profound sadness and grief, he holds on to the glimmer of hope that he will one day be “Fine Again”.

Love is a gift. It brings so much meaning to our lives. There is nothing more beautiful than sharing a life with someone. On a similar note, there’s nothing more devastating than imagining a life without them. Life takes back what it gives – and Mike’s journey towards healing is moving, at times devastating, but wonderfully human. There’s a lot to be learned in this story. It’s a beautiful reflection of love, loss, and ultimately, our ability to heal.

A Light in the Darkness by Regina Santos 

A Light in the Darkness is the perfect novel for those who enjoy both romance and historical fiction. It’s a riveting tale of love, war, and survival set in the backdrop of World War II and its harrowing days.

On a beautiful autumn day, a French nurse and a German engineer fall in love. Francine captivates Hans, and Hans could not be more perfect for her. But as the autumn leaves change, the entire world changes with the outbreak of the war. Suddenly, a love that was destined for a happy ending is separated by bullets and war torn nations. However, love’s greatest ally is fate – and fate always finds a way to bring those who are meant to be back together.

The novel is rich with tremendous historical detail – and chronicles a breathtaking saga between two lovers who journey through pain and suffering – but always hold onto the hope that they will find each other again. Author Regina Santos does a marvelous job telling both a story of war and one of connection. A Light in the Darkness is thoughtful, meticulously written, and a testament to love’s ability to persist despite seemingly insurmountable odds.

Mismet Souls by Marissa Adams

Marissa Adams is a skilled up-and-coming author who should become a household name in fiction writing. Her new book, Mismet Souls, brings a paranormal twist to the romance genre as it tells a thrilling tale of love and fate.

In this first installment of the series, you meet Mia Ardent. She’s a junior at Elk Grove University. Like many other college students, she’s trying her best to figure out what she wants out of life. As a character, she is relatable, empathetic, and it’s quite easy to root for her. There’s not a lot going to plan for Mia – and it’s not like she has much of a plan. But that changes when she meets Elliott – a rather unusual boy who she just can’t ignore. There’s plenty that makes Elliott unique. However, one thing stands out the most – he’s not human. In fact, he’s a werewolf – and he’s spent his entire life running away from his overbearing father.

He never expected to meet his soulmate. But love and fate work in funny ways for Mia and Elliott. Tragically, the best way to keep Mia safe is for Elliott to stay away from her. There are powerful forces pulling them apart, but an extraordinary destiny pushing them together. In this thrilling book, you’ll follow their unconventional love story that begs the question – is fate strong enough to unite these two soulmates? You’ll have a hard time putting this book down as it takes you on an entrancing journey of love, tragedy, and triumph.

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