Romantasy Novels to Spice Up the Winter

Romantasy is all over BookTok. If you aren’t familiar with this popular genre, Romantasy blends romance with fantasy. It consists of creative, compelling, and (sometimes) spicy stories that get us hooked at an emotional level. If you’re an avid Romantasy reader, you know there is always room on your TBR pile for more books. So, check out five these hot, new indie titles.  

The Underworld Series: Rise of the King by RJ Kane

(January 2024 Best-Seller in Fiction)

Based on the myth of Hades and Persephone, The Underworld Series is a fresh take on the myth that challenges common perceptions of good, evil, light, and dark. Everyone has choices to make every single day and your life is a result of those choices. Sephie and the men she finds herself surrounded by find themselves on a path that has been paved over lifetimes. Each one must find their place in the world to leave their mark on it, while striving to make it just a little brighter with each choice made. Rise of the King is a testament to survival as much as it is a story about the people placed in your life to help you along the way.

Scarlet Sorrow: A Tried & True Novel by Charlie Rahe

A family never spoken of, a past shrouded in deception where hybrid humans walk the surreal landscapes of hidden islands now severed from the world. Scarlett and her cousins are taken from sheltered lives in Chicago and thrust into a life they never imagined filled with secrets and betrayals, where power and ancestry count for more than kindness. After being inducted into a university where they learn to call the elements to become Mother’s Guardians, they discover they’re something more than human while wading through the politics of Tidings and attempting to cultivate relationships with family left behind. Scarlett finds herself torn between the charismatic future Prime of her people and a dangerous outsider who’s set his sights on her.

Selfish Fate by Taylor Batts

If you were told how your story ended, how could you choose?

There are many things that Enlilith’s family have been hiding from her. Important things. Things like being human, having a soulmate, and that soulmate being her best friend, James. Never leaving the small island where she grew up, calling Enlilith sheltered is an understatement. But a glimpse of possibility and another future comes in the form of a handsome stranger named Cinaed. As Enlilith and Cinaed get closer, the question becomes – do you believe in fate?

A Grey Resort by Wendy M. Kok

It’s the summer of 1984, and strange things are happening in the woodsy, sleepy town of Neelsville, WI. One evening, Brooke Larken decides to go fishing at her lakeside resort. She doesn’t realize that her simple decision changes the course of her life forever. Here she meets a mysterious stranger and gets the shock of her life. Follow Brooke as she discovers something very sinister about her town, and the people in it.

Love Among the Sakura  by P.J. Sanchez-Urcuyo

Love Among the Sakura is a romantic fantasy novel about two individuals from another galaxy and a planet with perfect temperaments and personalities. According to Earth standards, they don’t look like they should be together. Their love story spans over 400 years, with twists and turns of epic proportions.

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