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There’s something for everyone on BookBaby Bookshop, and that includes religious and spiritual readers. Check out these seven books written with Christianity, Judaism, and Islam in mind. If you are looking to find more religious books, you can explore further in our store! In the meantime, check out this curated collection of seven powerful religious and spiritual titles.

The Mitzvah on Your Forehead by Rabbi Joel E. Soffin

Rabbi Joel E. Soffin is a life-long social activist and the founder and President of Jewish Helping Hands. The Mitzvah on Your Forehead shares his experiences in family, community, and social action. The book drives readers to want to do more, be more, and follow their calling to make the world a better place for others. It embodies religion’s true purpose – to help those in need and spread love. Over the last few years, we’ve experienced quite a bit of darkness. This meaningful book will help you find some much needed light. Regardless of your faith, this is a powerful book that will inspire you to make a difference and be a force for good in the world.

The Dream Train by Terry Tramel

The Dream Train technically is a work of fiction – but it is rich with layers of spiritual complexity. An allegory of Christian life, the novel takes you through a dream sequence that will lead to an introspection of life and faith. It’s an essential read for the spiritually curious, and the faithful alike. The book also can be studied as a systematic theology, focusing on Bibliology, Christology, Soteriology, Pneumatology, Ecclesiology, and Eschatology.

Uplifting Black Muslim Youth by Sameera Ahmed, Hanan Hashem, and Muneer Khalid

You do not need to be Muslim to appreciate this book. It follows three authors and their work to pioneer research on African American Muslim youth. It offers an in-depth and effective analysis of the ways that Black Muslim youth experience the world and the daily struggles that they are forced to endure at the cross section of racism and anti-Muslim sentiments. Both of these groups are uniquely marginalized. In order to help young Black Muslims, it’s important to understand their plight, hear their voices, and support their presence. Use this book as a roadmap to help the next generation of Black Muslims transform their feelings of marginalization into those of strength and resiliency.

The book is groundbreaking, practical, and empowering. It is not a spiritual guide. Rather, it is a roadmap to drive change. Although it is a bit different than the other titles on this list, it is one of the most important books for you to read this summer.

A Full-Figured Faith by Perry Rank

Rabbi Perry Rank’s book is one that I recommend for both the deeply spiritual and the secular. It dives into the complexities of faith, allowing for skepticism and doubt. It shows that contemporary faith allows for questions – and there is an awareness that one may never fully figure out what faith is about. So, the thrust of the book is not to reject doubt, but to encourage it as a way of legitimate engagement with one’s heritage. Through using light-hearted language, the book discusses topics including God’s existence, the Messiah, the Jewish people, sexual mores, and Zionism. By evaluating faith as an expansive space, rather than a narrow one, it shares what can be understood as a “full-figured faith”. It’s a groundbreaking book that puts faith in contemporary terms, and in turn, evolves the way we perceive and understand it.

Parables of a Paramedic by Thomas Valentini

This is a must-read for paramedics, doctors, and anyone who works in the emergency healthcare field. It’s a unique memoir about one man’s many years working as a paramedic and what it taught him about life, death, God, Faith, and spirituality. Author Thomas Valentini does such a wonderful job of being vulnerable with his readers while sharing the life-changing moments from his career. Throughout the book, he shares what he learned from patients of the five major faiths, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and beyond. As you follow along and take note of his spiritual observations, you’ll discover how each religion is profoundly connected – and each teaches us something special in its own way. The book does not necessarily label any religion as the end all be all. Rather, it shows the unique meaning that they all carry. It’s a perfect book for the spiritually curious.

Go See the Beautiful by R.L. Johnson

Are you a runner? A Christian? Maybe both? Go See the Beautiful is a moving book that will make you examine your God-given purpose and it will inspire you to never give up. The book shares the author’s inspiring journey to overcome the odds and run a marathon. Author Rusty Johnson has always dedicated much of himself to following Jesus. In his book, he shows just how important it is to remain strong in faith when facing adversity and obstacles. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a book about running. The stories are meant to challenge and uplift you in every aspect of life – and teach you to deal with difficulties through persistence, strength, and faith.

Mindfulness & the Art of Living by Michael Wizer

You do not have to follow any set religion to get value from this book. Have you ever questioned your purpose? Many of us have, it’s a natural thing for us to do as human beings. Sometimes, searching for answers can just lead to more questions. In this book, Michael Wizer, clinical psychologist and practical philosopher, offers this answer: the purpose of your life is to have a good life. You can learn how to live a good life through mindfulness. Learn how to master the art of mindfulness in this eBook as you manage stress, anxiety, and worry. Distressing thoughts don’t have to consume you! This book teaches you how to grow in spirit and master the art of living. Mindfulness is an essential practice that can change your life. Start making changes today. Everyone should read this book. We all deserve to live life to its fullest.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, I believe that there is value to each one of these books. They all, in their own way, make us examine some of life’s most profound questions and offer comfort in a unique way. Remember that you can continue your spiritual exploration on BookBaby Bookshop. I recommend checking out these two categories: religious books / body, mind, & spirit.

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