Spiritual Chronicles: A Collection of Christian Wisdom

For Christian readers seeking spiritual insights, the following religious books stand as timeless treasures, offering profound insights, moral teachings, and a deeper connection to the divine. Whether you’re delving into scripture for the first time or seeking fresh perspectives, these texts promise to enrich your spiritual journey and resonate deeply with your Christian beliefs.

Bumps in the Road by Dr. Ronda Irvin

(Religion / Meditations)

This book was inspired from several years of listening to God’s guidance. As we go through life, we will have good times and not-so-good time, including those times we think we cannot live through. These circumstances can happen day to day or moment to moment. The order of each devotional is intentional, mirroring what God laid on the author’s heart each time she sat to write. There is space to write one’s own feeling or thoughts. It is very helpful to be able to share your feelings. It may be that you do not want others to hear your thoughts, so the safety of journaling in your own book, allows one to process through and allow God to speak as your listen.

Prayers that See You Through by Chantell S. Smith

(Religion / Devotional)

Prayers that See You Through offers 31 days of prayers that can help get you through some of life’s toughest challenges. It is intended to provide daily motivation and encouragement, and help you to find strength, resolve, and peace, through prayer. Each day begins with a scripture using various translations, an explanation or observation from that scripture, the prayer itself, and a special message from the author. This book can be used as a guide to help you grow through whatever it is your going through by simply praying.

As I Wander by Kayla Beck

(Religion / Christian Living)

Life can often resemble an unknown terrain, leaving us feeling lost, disoriented, and alone. In her enlightening book, Kayla offers companionship on this journey, sharing relatable stories, probing questions, stirring songs, and comforting scriptures that illuminate the path. This engaging book is more than just a reading experience; it’s a shared expedition through the highs and lows of life. From triumphant moments atop mountains to parched days in deserts, Kayla reminds us that no season is permanent and that each brings its own unique lessons and experiences. As we navigate through these diverse landscapes, we’re guided towards a deeper understanding of ourselves, a stronger relationship with God, and a renewed love for our families. As I Wander is an empowering guide that not only encourages the exploration of our inner selves but also fills us with hope and joy, reaffirming that we are never truly alone.

When I Became His Daughter by Brittany Ferrantino

(Biography & Autobiography / Religious)

Brittany Ferrantino was once lost. She grew up in a broken home with no father, a mother who was barely around, and younger brothers who she helped raised. She was poor, confused, and lost. Then one day, Jesus came into her life and changed everything. While a lost soul, Brittany was addicted to drugs, suffered with self-loathing, and had anxiety with severe panic attacks. She even dabbled into New Age teachings rooted in witchcraft. She had always believed in God, but when Jesus came into her life, He showed her what it was like to become His daughter. Now, Brittany has been set free and transformed and she wants to help others find their purpose with Christ.

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