3 Spooky and Suspenseful Books by Indie Authors

We’re nearing the end of October and with that, the conclusion of spooky season. But fear not, spooky readers. Horror and suspense novels do not have to be seasonal. These three books are creative masterpieces filled with relevant themes, complex characters, and plenty of thrill. Whether it’s October or May, you’ll want to have these novels on your bookshelf.

The Little Barbershop of Horrors by James Venechanos

The Little Barbershop of Horrors is a creative and engrossing collection of stories that will spark your imagination and (maybe) make you sleep with the light on. Author James Venechanos transports you to a realm in which freaks, fanatics, outcasts, demons, and beasts can come to share their stories. As they lurk deep in dark alleys, they know that there is a place for them to go – The Little Barbershop of Horrors.

An eclectic Barber, Mr. Mallace, treats all who come to his establishment with open arms. Stories always fill barbershops. In this book, the stories come from those who are now part of a world unknown to most humans – where realities and dimensions break open, and life gets a little weird.

So, embrace the spookiness, and venture into this world of freaks and outcasts. Follow along as Mr. Mallace guides this frightening crew to their destiny. When you come visit Mr. Mallace’s Little Barbershop of Horrors, you’ll get involved with barbershop gossip alongside those who seek wisdom through their own fantastic predicaments. This original and thought-provoking book is a perfect companion for the Halloween season, and the days beyond it.

Screams of the Jungle by Zach Cutler-Orrey

Zach Cutler-Orrey’s writing is masterclass when it comes to horror fiction. If you’re looking for an absolute thrill, you won’t be disappointed. His book, Screams of the Jungle, takes you on a heart-pounding adventure into the uncharted jungle of equatorial Africa. This is not your ordinary man versus monster story. It’s a thoughtful examination of fear – what it truly means and how it impacts us.

Dr. David Hale, a father struggling through a divorce, joins a team of researchers on a journey that uncovers a nightmare of epic proportions. Nothing is off limits in this spine-chilling thriller, as the book sucks you in with action, love, and intense suspense. As they confront a nightmare in the jungle, they find themselves trying to survive at all costs while facing agonizing death. The story contrasts themes like redemption versus retribution, and parenthood and love versus trauma.

Cutler-Orrey’s novel has the ability to rewrite everything mainstream science holds to be true about arachnids. By blending science fiction with horror, the book has appeal for a wide array of readers and flaunts powerful character development, plot twists, and suspense at every turn. Have you ever wondered what it was like to venture right into the heart of fear? This one-of-a-kind book offers that opportunity. If you’re looking for a horror, thrill, and an unforgettable story, this is the book for you.

Disvnitvs: True Curse by WF Rast

In this first book in the Disvnitvs Trilogy, you meet John Martis. Like so many others who suffer, he wants out of the pain, misery, and even out of living. He is a man who faces torment in the truest sense – near his absolute limit – but there are two who will not allow him to go quietly into the night.

John’s one bright spot in life was winning a Pulitzer. It brought fame and fortune, but no relief to his pain. Despite brief success, he lost everything to alcohol, creditors, and an ex-wife. As the novel progresses, he finds himself struggling to survive. He’s left with only a broken down car and his grandmother’s dilapidated cabin in Eastern Kentucky. Beyond that, hallucinations grip his brain – torturing him from the inside.

On the brink of self-destruction, he seeks a permanent solution to his visions and all of the trouble they cause. It doesn’t seem like anything could save John, until he meets an angry sheriff and a dictatorial preacher. John’s journey is tragic, but he finds that even with tragedy, there are options. There is hope. John must make peace with the past, or suffer a fate worse than death.

At times, the narrative is devastating, but author WF Rast has a way to keep you believing there can be light amidst profound darkness. It’s a unique paranormal thriller with a flawed protagonist who you just can’t help but root for the whole time. The book is marvelously written and filled with elements from the author’s experiences as an adult in both Chicago and Eastern Kentucky. One thing’s for sure, you’ll have a hard time putting down this incredible story about a man’s journey from darkness into light.

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