Support Black Authors and Celebrate Black History Month

Throughout February, celebrate Black excellence and history. BookBaby Bookshop is committed to highlighting the diverse library of books written by Black authors – and being an equitable platform that supports their sales. Discover some of our favorite books for Black History Month – and view the entire list by visiting the storefront.

Lucid, An Afrofuturistic Novel by Akili Damone Hight

(Fiction, Fantasy / Action & Adventure)

In a journey through dreams, 22-year-old Evan Wheat embarks on an unexpected exploration of Self. Life Ultimately Continues In Dreams (LUCID) is an odyssey through the boundaries of reality as we join Evan on his quest for his true identity. Following the sudden loss of his father, Evan inherits a Lemurian quartz crystal with extraordinary powers. It leads him to a mysterious bookstore, where a book called “The Magical World of Irimus” chooses him.

Through a sequence of vivid dreams, he receives messages from another world but ignores them and strays from his path. Struck by lightning, Evan’s consciousness catapults into an alternate reality, facing trials and tribulations that culminate in a climactic showdown with a villain bent on the ultimate rulership of humanity. The crucial missing link to complete his diabolical plan? Evan’s quartz crystal. Embark on Evan’s journey through lucid dreams, where multiple realities converge, as he races to unveil his true identity while saving the fate of humanity.

Stolen by Sabine Genea Sydney

(Fiction, African-American / Mystery & Detective)

This is not a typical kidnapping for ransom. Jeffrey’s kidnappers are after something far more personal.

As protagonist Stephanie struggles to rescue her son, Jeffrey, she finds herself seeking new alliances. With the help of Colonel Walker, an old friend and mentor, she was able to infiltrate the kidnapper’s headquarters. In the ensuing struggle for justice, Stephanie finds herself facing an age-old quandary: must she become the very monster she hopes to destroy?

Optimism, Success in the Media Against All Odds by Batt Johnson

(Biography & Autobiography / Memoir)

Prepare to be enthralled by Optimism, the remarkable memoir that unfolds the extraordinary life of Batt Johnson, a true pioneer in American broadcasting history. His journey, punctuated by groundbreaking achievements and daring exploits, serves as a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and the unwavering pursuit of one’s dreams.

At the heart of Batt Johnson’s narrative lies a performance that etched his name into the annals of television history—a portrayal as the husband with “ring around the collar” in a national network Wisk television commercial. The commercial’s staggering success, deemed the highest-rated in the 135-year history of Lever Brothers, marked a pivotal moment in his career. However, Batt’s accomplishments extend far beyond a single role. His path, illuminated by unwavering determination, traverses the murky and exclusionary waters of the media landscape, where he emerged as a trailblazer in multiple broadcasting formats, including Rock ‘n Roll, Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Country, Urban, and Big Band.

Rakabai and the Goddess Felice’ by Xavier Dakuri

(Fiction, Romance / African American & Black)

Rakabai, a Black Starbonian relocates to a Pearl Island and tragedy befalls him. He realizes how vulnerable he is as a Black male on this planet. Seraphina, his starbone wife, is bipolar and he tries to get her treatment. Her sickness creates another dimension in his efforts. He’s convicted of a crime he’s innocent of. He realizes how disconnected he is from the generic native, colonization had a color code, the memo must have been misplaced in their cultural upbringing, or in the elitist flavor of their innocence. He felt disconnected but not alone.

Rakabai as a dreamer, poet, painter becomes enthralled with the presence of the Goddess Felice’, the volcano Goddess and transcends spiritually into vortex of her spiritual powers. He begins a journey of paying homage to her through the souls of the people he meets. He writes love poems to her, like daily prayers, recreating her beauty, wisdom, blessings as he becomes one with her magical strides. The Goddess Felice’, he found solace in her, she is the spirit of this earth, bowels spewing red gold, she answered all is prayers, his humility increased in grain fields.

Positive Vibes Only by Terri Terrell

(Self-Help, Personal Growth / Self-Esteem)

Positive Vibes Only is a self-reflection, self-improvement journal designed to help you think more positively. If you have read many self-help books on positive thinking but still find yourself struggling to stay positive, this journal is for you. It includes a real game plan on how to change your thinking, with daily practices to help you stay on track. Consistent use of this journal may help you form a habit of positive thinking.

Optimism and positive thinking are known to improve overall wellness and mental health. The tools in this journal have helped the author live a happier, more positive life and her hope is that you achieve the same positive results.

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