National Poetry Month Books to Read

Celebrate National Poetry Month and support indie authors on BookBaby Bookshop! April is a time of tremendous beauty. In this season of rebirth, inspiration is to be found everywhere you look. Take some time during these early Spring days to enjoy the wonders of a literary artform like no other. 

Book of the Day 9/20/22

If you are interested in art that mixes comic, pop art, vintage, and retro styles with Jewish themes, then The Art of Anshie is the book for you. Personally, my background studying art is limited to say the least. But I found Anshie’s work to be fascinating. The book, in a way, felt like a journey through his mind. His art is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and his attention to the little details is quite amazing.

Book of the Day 8/11/22

Our Book of the Day is an essential companion for graphic designers, creative directors, brand managers, and all who work in similar industries. LogoLounge 13 is one of Bookshop’s hottest sellers right now and it contains the latest and most impressive design work – created by some of the most accomplished and noteworthy designers from around the world.

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