Book of the Day: Served, From My Family Table to Yours

In a world filled with diverse palates and dietary preferences, it’s rare to find a cookbook that truly has something for everyone. But in my opinion, Caroline Somers’ mouthwatering marvel Served is the perfect cookbook for every kitchen. Bursting with flavor, creativity, and most importantly, love, this is an impressive collection of culinary excellence. With this cookbook, you become the ultimate home-chef, equipped with clear, high-quality recipes for family and friends to enjoy.  

Book of the Day 12/1/22

Start your December by bringing the joy of Laleh’s Table to your kitchen! The cookbook is filled with over 80 recipes of perfectly prepared Persian dishes from breakfasts to desserts. It’s a brilliant cookbook that also showcases vibrant photographs and is easy to comprehend. It’s the perfect kitchen companion to enhance your cooking this holiday season, and it also makes for a wonderful gift.

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