Books to Read on Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day the right way – reading books that tell Native American stories. You will never fully understand American history without understanding Native American history. Indigenous People have faced devastating injustices – and despite it all, they have made profound contributions to U.S. society. So, take some time to educate yourself by reading literature and learn about the resilience and beauty of Native American Culture. Here are three books, written by independent authors, that educate readers on the Indigenous experience.     

Book of the Day: There Are No Utes in Utah

There Are No Utes in Utah is an excellent read, and one that is particularly relevant as we celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day in the United States. By combining anthropological studies, federal records, and period newspapers, the book discusses the impact of Euro-American invasions, settlements, wars, reservations, and federal policies pertaining to Native Americans.

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