Three Poetry Books to Read this Fall

Poetry is about more than reading, it’s about feeling. Poems help us process all that life throws at us – love and heartbreak, happiness and despair, triumph and failure. A poem can inspire, and it also can offer us a literary shoulder to cry on. There’s a poem for every moment and every feeling. Check out these three poetry books that cover themes like love, grief, hope, and gratitude. No matter what you’re feeling, there’s something in these pages that you could embrace.

At the Crossroads: The One Breath Rising Anthology of Poetry & Prose by One Breath Rising, Inc.

This magnificent collection of poetry is filled with different works from literary artists who have performed for One Breath Rising. The Brooklyn based non-profit has been presenting ‘world-class artistry in an intimate setting’ since 2015. The non-profit offers monthly presentations by writers and musicians from diverse cultures – and is inspired by the African American traditions of improvisation and storytelling.

This volume of work is a testament to resilience and rebirth. It addresses themes like love, grief, despair, hope, gratitude, and activism. It will resonate with readers who like storytelling, poetry, family history, and African American literature.

Each of the diverse poets and writers makes their presence felt, and collectively the book offers a dose of ingenuity that we desperately need. Although the book is populated by multiple authors, the work flows seamlessly and puts you in a meditative, thoughtful, and serene state. If you enjoy poetry at its finest, this is the book for you.

Love, James: Poems of Sickness and Loss by James Mahoney

We heal by accepting sadness – making the active choice to feel it, and not run away from it. Being sad does not mean hope is lost. Rather, it’s something we must endure to find hope. Love, James is a poetry book about sadness, sickness, and tragic loss. But it also is one that will help you achieve inner healing.

James Mahoney’s poems were inspired by the sickness and eventual death of his wife of 43 years. Through each word and line, he vents his sadness and frustration in attempts to heal after tragically losing the one he loves. By writing this book, he hopes that others could find comfort as they come to terms with their own feelings of grief.

Although Mahoney’s poems were written in pain, I found tremendous hope in his words. He has a breathtaking ability to sprinkle in light amidst profound darkness. His beautiful poetry reminds us that there is, and always will be, hope despite the hurt. If you find yourself grieving or facing any type of loss, you will find tremendous comfort with this book.

The Must-Be-Admired-Things: Collected Poems & Translations by Gary Miranda

Gary Miranda’s poetry has been published in numerous magazines, including The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly, Poetry, American Poetry Review, and others. This breathtaking book is a collection of his four previously published poetry books.

If you are a poetry reader, this book is a necessity. Miranda’s ability to take readers through an entire spectrum of emotions in just one poem is absolutely brilliant. He’s a visionary creative who will blow you away with his best work. This collection is filled with versatile and sensitive poetry that is inviting for readers of all backgrounds and interests. After reading through his poems, I couldn’t nail down one recurring theme. Rather, his work takes you on a diverse journey through the complexities of human emotion.

When considering different poets, you can’t ask for anyone more skilled than Gary Miranda. His collection will stick with you long after reading. The book’s poetry and prose help you understand yourself and your place in the world. It’s an enticing, addictive read that I could not put down. Each poem brings a new story filled with raw emotion, thought-provoking themes, and poetic craftsmanship.

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