Three Spooktacular Halloween Books for Kids

‘Tis the season! Halloween is just around the corner. It’s time to head to the pumpkin patch and cuddle up to read some timeless (not-so-spooky) stories. Remember, Halloween is much more than the few hours you spend trick-or-treating with your children. It’s a celebration that lasts for weeks – filled with cozy Fall evenings. Here are three wonderful Halloween books to enjoy with your children and make part of your yearly traditions.  

Noseferatu by Sawyer Green

(Children’s Fiction / Halloween)

This is such a wonderful new book. If you’re looking for a unique story to read this Halloween season, please add Noseferatu to your list! It’s a fun and creative tale that is filled with vibrant illustrations. It’s appealing to young readers for many reasons – taking them on an imaginative journey that transcends Halloween by introducing different cultures, creatures, and food!

Marvelously written by Sawyer Green and meticulously illustrated by Angel Revuelta, this is the most endearing monster story you’ll ever read. In the book, Orin the food-sniffing vampire declares that his country has the greatest food ever made and he’s challenged by his neighbor Drake to prove it. Orin, not one to turn down a challenge, sets off with his best batty friend Wesley on a quest to find the greatest smells the world has ever known. Along the way, he meets new friends, marvels at a menagerie of monsters, samples brand-new tasty dishes, and learns all about the celebrations of different countries around the world.

More importantly, the book emphasizes powerful and pertinent themes like acceptance and inclusivity. Through its storytelling, the book does an excellent job expressing the wonders of different cultures – allowing children to open their hearts and minds to people who look and live differently than them. I am confident that there is not and never will be another Halloween-themed story quite like this. In its 40 pages, it inspires children (and their parents) to learn about the unique holidays around the globe, the legendary monsters who celebrate them, and the mouth-watering foods that are eaten and enjoyed.

Halloweenie by Amanda McCann

(Children’s Fiction / Halloween)

Although it was just released in 2022, Halloweenie has already established itself as a timeless classic in its genre space. This delightful story shares all that is warm and endearing about Halloween in a way that is fun and memorable. Amanda McCann’s book will make older readers nostalgic for late October nights of their childhoods – and younger readers will experience the true joy of Halloween.

The book tells the magical tale of a Friendly Pumpkin who comes to life on Halloween night. At first, she is so excited about this new adventure – that is until some frightful foes spoil her good time! What happens next? You’ll have to find out by reading! The story keeps you guessing by taking you on a truly one-of-a-kind Halloween journey. There’s nothing spooky about it – in fact, it will warm your heart and remind you just how special this time of year can be.

If you’re looking for a book to instill a love for Halloween with the next generation, this book is a must-have. Halloweenie reminds us that this is a time to celebrate and cherish. You can also learn more about the author and the illustrator by reading our interview!

The Longest Halloween by Frank Wood

(Children’s Fiction / Halloween)

Monsters, goblins, witches… and more! Dive into The Longest Halloween, a fun and unique story that highlights the significance of family and friends. Written with older children in mind, the book chronicles a modern-day fable about a reckless goblin intent on making Halloween last forever.

Bringing a hauntingly entertaining world to life, the book invites you to join protagonist Joel as he and his friends embark on a rollicking quest to keep a powerful and age-old amulet from falling into the hands of the wildest and most uproarious band of villains! The story is entertaining throughout – emphasizing themes of classic fairy tales while adding a modern flare.

You can learn more about the book and the author, Frank Wood, by visiting their website! Frank’s love for Halloween goes way back – and that passion is clearly evident in his writing.

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