‘Tis the Season for Holiday Romance!

Fiction Romance is one of my favorite genres to read. As soon as Halloween is over, I am excited to dig in to my TBR pile of new releases in Holiday Romance. Each year, I look forward to new Christmas romance not only from my favorite authors, but from new authors as well. Bookshop is a great place to find books by indie authors in all genres, including Christmas Romance. I have highlighted 4 titles available on Bookshop now that are guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit!

Second Chance at Christmastime (Beacon Series #1) by Terry Garrett

Dan Ivy has not been back to his hometown of Beacon, NC since he left for college ten years ago. He left behind his high school sweetheart, Kate Nola, who was brokenhearted by his decision to leave. Kate now runs a Yoga studio with her mom and has worked hard to build a successful business in her beloved hometown. She is shocked when she runs into Dan right before Thanksgiving and learns that he is back for good and planning to open a café right next door to her studio. Unable to avoid running into each other, old feelings begin to resurface, but Kate is afraid to get her heart broken again. Will the magic of the holiday season help heal old wounds and help pave the way for the two to find their forever love?

Why you should read: High school sweethearts, reunited years later at Christmas? Yes please! If second chance love is a favorite theme, then this should be at the top of your pile!

The Christmas Trolley by Marta Mahoney

Annie Mulvaney is the director of the Macklin House, a Victorian Museum in her small California hometown who is struggling to find a way to raise the funds for the expensive repairs needed to keep the museum open. A Christmas trolley tour seems like the perfect fundraiser – if she can find a driver.

Ben Grover, Annie’s childhood crush, has just been downsized from his job at a major tech company and is back in town while searching for a new job.

Annie offers Ben the job to drive the Christmas trolley, but Ben warns Annie that he is not in the Christmas spirit and not really a “Christmas guy”. Annie vows to change his mind, and his heart. Will Annie’s Christmas trolley tour save the Macklin House and rekindle her romance with Ben?

Why you should read: This book has one of my favorite themes in Christmas romance – the grumpy Grinch who opens his heart to the magic of Christmas and finds love. Start with this one if you need a little jumpstart on your holiday mood!

Jingle Cells by Angie McMann and Nikki Kaur Maan

Routine-loving, responsible Evelyn is shocked when Noah, the young and attractive waiter from her favorite restaurant, asks her out. The prospect of dating a younger man terrifies her. Will Noah be able to prove that a seven-year age gap is nothing when it comes to love?

Meanwhile, Evelyn’s best friend Jenna, has been refusing Evelyn’s attempts to set her up with her brother Adam. A call from a wrong number puts her in touch with a stranger she only knows as West Coast—and with whom she develops a magnetic connection. Things get complicated when Adam crashes a holiday weekend, and Jenna discovers that her best friend’s brother Adam isn’t the momma’s boy she always assumed he was. But will his sudden appearance destroy her chance to meet the charming and mysterious West Coast? Who will she choose? The magic of the holiday season brings two couples together in this sparkling romance!

Why you should read: Two Christmas romances in one book! This is a refreshing take and I love that this is written by two friends. If you are looking for modern, contemporary Christmas romance then this is the one for you.

Christmas In Whimsy by Clarissa J. Markiewicz

Welcome to Whimsy, a mystical town where legend comes to life at Christmas. It’s said the Spirit of Whimsy appears this time of year to grant your deepest wish. Some say she’s an angel, some say she’s pure energy. For Lexie, Robin, and Margot, she’s their last hope.

Lexie Moore, hotshot reporter, works hard to successfully juggle all the pins in her life. But when her job is threatened and her relationship starts to crumble, the pins come crashing down around her. Robin Russell, aspiring actress and salesclerk at the Holiday Hutch, is barely surviving paycheck to paycheck when a rent hike bulldozes her dreams, and she has no idea what’s next. Margot Kobeleski, widow and single mom, still sees the ghost of her late husband, even as she’s drawn to a new man in her life. If she’s living in the past, will she miss her chance at a happy future? As the women embark on their Christmas adventures, their lives intersect in ways that may end up helping them all…or making life all that more complicated.

Why you should read: Christmas Angel – need I say more? This is a sweet story of friendship and hope at Christmas with a little romance sprinkled in! This heartwarming Christmas story shouldn’t be missed!

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