Veteran’s Day Reading Recommendations: Stories of Heroism

Celebrate our courageous veterans by reading their stories. These three books do a tremendous job chronicling the heroism and sacrifice of the brave men and women who made it their purpose to serve others. These books are powerful resources to help you honor America’s veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve.

Above and Below, Silent Heroes of World War II by Lee Bryan

(History, World War II)

Above and Below is a true story that takes place during the World War II Battle of the Atlantic, specifically in the year 1943. This was the most prolonged battle of the war – the battle above and below the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea (1939-1945). The details of the story are based on a US seaman’s journals and letters and the ship’s log reports while he was traveling on convoys in 1943 and a German U-boat commander’s war diary and battle logs during this same period.

The battle accounts and details cover a specific six-month period during 1943 when the action unfolded. Reports and journals combine firsthand accounts of deadly combat from both men. Battle decisions made onboard their vessels resulted in many lives being lost and saved. This isolated encounter gives a brief insight into the fears, courage, and heroism of two men and how their lives forever changed. You can learn more about the book and author Lee Bryan by visiting her website!

Sandspit Assault, The Battle of Eniwetok Atoll by Ryan Lowry

(History, World War II)

Sandspit Assault: The Battle of Eniwetok delves into the last battle for an atoll in military history. The furious battle on Eniwetok Atoll concluded the chapter on the Central Pacific Campaign and occurred halfway through the Pacific War in World War II. Follow the men who fought, lived, and died during the battle on the tropical islands of Eniwetok.

The book was written by Ryan Lowry – who has worked in World War II studies for almost twenty years. He volunteers his time with World War II veterans and historical societies and gives speeches on topics regarding WWII history. He manages a large traveling museum of World War II artifacts that has premiered at a Smithsonian affiliate and preserves the war’s story through his artifacts.

Love Always, Alice, A Story of Faith and Service Behind the Front Line of World War II by Mary Matthews Fetterman and Captain Alice J. Matthews ANC

(History, World War II)

This book chronicles the life of Alice Matthews – a naive young woman who made an extraordinary choice to become a nurse and join the Army to aid in the war effort during World War II. Her journey will take you from a training camp in Tennessee to her deployment to the European Theater of Operations as part of the 45th Evacuation Hospital that followed closely behind the front line of battle of the First Army. Alice went from a foxhole on Omaha Beach on D-10, through France and Belgium and into Germany.

Alice thought she had seen the worst of the war caused by Hitler. And then they came upon Buchenwald Concentration Camp. Alice’s sincere desire to make a difference would test her faith in God and humanity. Follow Alice’s story, in her own words, from her many letters written home and excerpts from her memoir.

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