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Welcome to BookBaby Reads! On this blog, you will have access to daily content that keeps you in the loop with all of the new and exciting titles being sold on BookBaby Bookshop. This is a place for a community of readers to come together and be a part of a movement that supports the vibrant world of indie books. We are here to curate and share compelling content that you never knew existed – who knows, your next life-changing book can very well be out there. We work to find it and share it with you, so you could enjoy what matters most, reading a good book. Get ready to discover and support a world of independent authors!

Every book on this blog can be purchased on BookBaby Bookshop – the most author-friendly bookstore on the internet. This isn’t just a tagline that we use, it’s who we are. As a Fair Trade company, we believe that independent authors should be fairly and appropriately compensated for their work. Authors earn more profit selling their books on Bookshop than anywhere else – earning 50% of every print book sale and 85% of eBook sales. Author equity means everything. So for us, what matters is that we create a dynamic space for readers to discover books, while doing everything possible to support authors along the way.

We will be featuring a book of the day, sharing genre-specific lists, reviewing books, interviewing authors, and so much more. BookBaby reads is a bookworm’s daily dose of medicine, and our goal is to get readers outside of their comfort zone and immersed in an entire world filled with different genres, themes, and more.

So while you grab your morning coffee, take a minute to check us out. Or take some time out of your lunch break to scroll through some of our lists and features! Maybe you’re a sucker for romance novels and you just never knew it. It’s possible that there’s something about a hard boiled detective novel that makes you channel your inner tough-talking hero. Or perhaps you’re a lifetime reader of literary fiction who is seeking the abundance of insight available in non-fiction work. Whoever you are and whatever your background may be, there is a book for you on Bookshop – and you can discover it here.  

Reading is easy, but finding the right book can be hard. We are here to help with that. BookBaby Reads consists of a team of avid readers, nerdy writers, and literature lovers who are constantly at work curating lists – ensuring that there truly is something for everyone here. We did the hard work, so sit back and relax and enjoy a blog that lives and breathes indie books. Thank you for being a part of our reading community!

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