Yearly Roundup, Featured Authors

Over the last year, we’ve highlighted some prolific authors. Every author writes with purpose, passion, and plenty of heart. It’s been incredible to hear their stories and learn more about the inspiration behind their books. In case you missed it, here are some of the authors who made their presences felt in 2022.

Gregg McBride, author of Biron the Bee Who Couldn’t

Gregg McBride is truly an author who makes the world a better place. He is someone who lives out his values – and you can see it clearly in his work. Gregg is creative, innovative, and embodies what it means to be a writer in the truest sense. His work reflects his thoughtfulness, kindness, and compassion. When I spoke with Gregg, I learned how he puts his heart into everything, and that’s what makes his work stand out.

Gregg is a film and television writer/producer. One of his most notable works is the film A Heavenly Christmas, which premiered to the highest ratings in Hallmark Channel history. In addition to film writing, Gregg is also an author of three book, Weightless, Just Stop Eating So Much, and his newest children’s book, Biron the Bee Who Couldn’t. I hope you take the time to learn more about Gregg and appreciate his work. I believe that Biron the Bee Who Couldn’t is a timeless masterpiece that reminds children (and even adults) about how important it is to dream big and never limit yourself. Gregg McBride is an inspirational person, a force for good in our world, and a skilled author with unbounded imagination.

Raul Ramos, author of Ese to Master Jefe

Raul Ramos is changing lives with his book. I had the chance to sit down and speak with him to learn more about the backstory behind his hit memoir. Raul leads by example and is a reminder that you can overcome even the odds – even if it seems insurmountable. As you prepare for new beginnings in 2023, check out his story. You’ll learn that success can be born out of struggle, and you are strong enough to make drastic life changes.

Born and raised in Los Angeles California, Raul grew up facing hard times and poverty. He fell victim to street gang life when he was young. After years of gang activity, he set out to make lasting change. Raul is honest, vulnerable, and epitomizes strength. Hardship fueled him as he fought for his goals, advocated for himself, and built an incredible career in the United States Navy. Serving for 24 years, he earned the highest of the enlisted ranks, E9 Master Chief. Raul shows us that we can change our lives for the better, you just have to be willing to fight for it. Today, Raul continues to inspire others – especially those who find themselves in similar situations.

Lee Klose, author of Late for the Buss: An Adoption Story

Lee Klose blew me away with her captivating memoir. Beyond that, she is an inspiring person who displays an incredible ability to forgive, heal, and see the best in every situation. It was a privilege to have the opportunity to interview her.

Lee was born in California and now lives in Arizona. Her book, Late for the Buss: An Adoption Story explores the confusion she felt as a child and the challenges she faced as an adult seeking biological information on her family of origin. After a lifetime of searching, she discovered that she is the eldest child of Dr. Gerald Buss, the legendary owner of the Los Angeles Lakers. With six younger siblings who knew nothing about her and the realization that she has no legal claim to the family wealth, Lee continued to write and eventually met her siblings and most importantly, her mother, JoAnn just before she passed away. Despite the confusion, frustration, and even sadness that comes with learning the truth about your birth parents later in life, Lee holds no anger in her heart. In fact, she is completely at peace. Lee’s story is one of growth and discovery – and she reminds us how important it is to forgive, to accept, and to love.

Dr. Shamina Aubuchon, author of If You Touch, I’ll Tell

Dr. Shamina Aubuchon is a remarkable person with a book that can both save lives and change lives. I’ll never forget my conversation with her. She is the author of the best-selling children’s book, If You Touch, I’ll Tell – which serves as an important alarm system for children so they can protect themselves against predators. It teaches them about the potential danger and harm that threatens them every day.

Dr. Aubuchon believes that prevention is better than a cure, especially when it comes to sexual abuse. Her book teaches children how to use their voice power to deactivate predators. Dr. Aubuchon holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences with a focus in Immunology from Eastern Virginia Medical School. A survivor of child sexual abuse, she is an advocate and voice for children who face those horrific and traumatizing situations. Shamina is strong, courageous, and influential. The world needs more people like her.

Beth Miller, author of Tucker Finds His Forever Home

If you’re a dog lover, you understand how important they are to us, our families, and our communities. Anyone who cares about dogs should learn more about Beth Miller, her book, and the amazing work she is doing.  

Beth is the founder of Wagtown, a charitable organization that helps communities become more dog-friendly. Her new book, Tucker Finds His Forever Home, was written to speak to children about dogs and their effect on our lives. The story is told through the eyes of a young pit bull named Tucker. It brings readers along on a journey filled with many life lessons about self-worth, breed discrimination, safety, emotions, and bullying. Because of Beth and her work, the world is becoming a better place for both people and dogs. Her mission to increase dog-friendliness makes our communities more humane, safe, healthy, welcoming, and economically vibrant.

Mary Lee Montfort, author of Baking the Best of Mary Lee’s Desserts

For Mary Lee Montfort, every recipe means something, and every cookbook sold makes a positive impact on our world. Mary Lee is a thoughtful, innovative, and influential cookbook author with an amazing story.

Mary Lee is a successful baker and small business owner. After beginning her culinary career in the kitchen of the Union Bay Café in Seattle, Washington, she went on to open her own successful small baking business in 2004, Mary Lee’s Desserts. Mary Lee is an advocate for Marriage Equality and the LGBTQ Community and as such, proudly participated in the Chefs for Equality Galas in Washington DC. Mary Lee believes in passing things forward and has covered all of the costs of designing, producing, distributing, and marketing her cookbook herself so that she can donate all of the profits from each sale to three charities – World Central Kitchen, The Trevor Project, and St. Jude Children’s Research hospital.

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